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Think You Know Music? You Don't Know SQUAT!

Listen, music is the fabric of our lives, isn't it? I know, pretty deep. But have you ever been somewhere and heard a song that just totally takes you back to a different time? Music is like a memory stamp. That's always fascinated us here at Stumped Again. There are definite "summer songs", "road trip songs", "party songs", etc. Remember back to albums and 8-tracks? You do? Dude, how old are you? We don't, but we do remember holding a tape recorder up to the speaker on Sunday mornings while Kasey Kasem counted them down. Now that tells you how old we are. (For all of you youngsters, a tape recorder is a machine where you would insert a cassette... oh never mind.)

But music is a universal language. It doesn't always make sense — David Hasselhoff is like ELVIS over in Germany — but it is universal.

Remember back in the day when video games were a quarter? This site is kind of a throwback to those days. Let's have some fun, test your skills, and see if you can grab the high score. We'll throw out some prizes every once in a while just to make it interesting.

So thanks for stopping by, dropping a quarter and giving it a shot. But just realize that when it's all said and done, you will leave here Stumped Again.


  • A song lyric is shown (the "Question") along with four artists (the "Answers").
  • Your goal is to pick the original artist who sings those lyrics.
  • You've got 12 seconds to do it.
  • Each question is worth 100 points.
  • Those points decrease as the 12 seconds tick down.
  • If you answer correctly, you move on to the next question.
  • At the end of 12 seconds, if you have not answered, it is deemed as an incorrect answer.
  • Three incorrect answers and your game is over.
  • Points are cumulative so the more questions you answer and the faster you do it, the better you'll score.
  • High scores are kept in the Hot List to the right.
  • Each game costs 25¢.
  • Prizes are awarded weekly. Please see the Schwag tab.


  • In general, there are no song titles included in these lyrics. I mean, c'mon, how hard would that be? But we try and choose the most memorable lines out of songs. Often times, that means the very first line, the refrain or the bridge.
  • We did our best to insert commas where there are pauses in the song. Try reading the lyrics out loud using the commas as purposeful pauses. It helps.
  • The "Rock" category consists of Rock and Roll, Alternative and a touch of Metal. The "Pop" category consists of Pop music, Hip Hop/R&B and a touch of Rap. Also, the 00's bracket does include some songs from the 2010's — at least until this decade is old enough to comprise its own category.
  • We did not include any songs that are remakes (at least as far as we know). That way, we avoid a situation where there are multiple correct answers. Did you know that Quiet Riot's "Cum On Feel the Noize" is a remake? Who knew?
  • New lyrics are being added all the time so the experience will literally never be the same twice. Come back early and often. Partake heartily of the musical buffet that will be set out before you.

Questions or comments? Please send an e-mail to

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